US Media Tries to Spin Palestinian Violence as Peaceful Protest

As the US Embassy in Jerusalem was open for its first day of operations a tragedy, of sorts, was playing out in Gaza. Back in March, the terrorist clique ruling Gaza promoted the “Great March of Return.” It was a six-week period of provocations and violence along Israel’s border with Gaza with the goal of breach the border fence and allowing Hamas militants access to Israel. Today was another instance of that. Organized mobs of Gaza residents attempted to breach the fence with Israel. At this writing, some 55 Gazans have been killed and several times that number wounded.


These were not peaceful attempts to cross the border. Be sure to watch the whole video.

What is making this worse is the reflexive pro-Palestinian coverage by the US media. For instance:

And the “occasional Molotov or grenade?” Are you kidding me? It gets better. This is a response to her tweet:

And her response back:

And, of course, MSNBC had to get in on the act:


“You saw tens of thousands of young people crossing fields between the urban part of Gaza and the Israeli border, essentially trying to walk across this heavily militarized border unarmed,” Bradley said.

Then, without skipping a beat, he said the demonstrators were in fact armed.

“It’s easy to say they were completely unarmed,” Bradley said. “They had some light weapons. A lot of them would be burning tires or rolling tires to try to melt the razor wire. They had slingshots. They had a new and crazy invention, incendiary kites, where they would try to loft kites and set them on fire to try to light up some of the agricultural fields beyond the border with Israel.”

“But these were hardly the kind of weapons that could frighten any Israeli solder,” he added.

Bradley went on to say the Israelis nearly hit him and his team with artillery.

“It’s kind of hard to imagine how these Israeli troops could have been threatened by a lot of these young people, who were really not peacefully demonstrating, but peacefully by comparison to the Israeli soldiers, and indeed, no Israeli soldier has been killed and nearly 100 Palestinians have died in the past seven weeks of protesting,” he said.


And as always, the theater of the absurd, so-called “Pallywood,” was in full blossom. Here we have a miraculous faith healing incident caught on video:

This type of crap is not journalism, it is just incitement. Moreover, it is spreading propaganda being generated by a criminal ruling clique that is knowingly sending out its citizens and followers to be killed or wounded to make a point. But it is MSNBC so what do you really expect?


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