EU Tries to Embarrass the US Over Our Jerusalem Embassy Move but It Blows Up in Their Face

On Monday, the United States will open its embassy in Jerusalem. This is a move that is both long overdue and reflects the realities of the situation. The odds of Israel giving up half of Jerusalem, particularly that half containing the Western Wall, to a terrorist organization hellbent on Israel’s destruction approached zero. While the “final status” of Jerusalem is, in theory, under negotiations, the fact is that no sane person believes it will ever be the capital of a Palestinian state.


On Friday, France (naturally) introduced a resolution for consideration by the EU declaring Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel and Palestine; that the status of Jerusalem should only be resolved as part of peace negotiations; and that EU nations will not follow the US example and move their embassies to Jerusalem. The purpose of the resolution was to show disapproval of the US move and as a little juvenile retaliation for the US decision to leave the Iran nuclear deal on Wednesday. The best-laid plans of mice and Frogs do often go awry.

Three countries, Hungary, Romania, and the Czech Republic, voted against the resolution depriving it of the unanimous vote required for it to pass. Both the Czech Republic and Romania have flirted with the idea of moving their own embassies to Jerusalem but their governments are divided on that decision.


This is just a hint of the growing fragility of the European Union. If France can’t bring in a resolution on a subject like this, will it and Germany be able to strong arm the other members of the EU to support the Iran nuclear deal?


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