Sports Illustrated Beclowns Itself With a Trump Physical Hot Take

We live in an age of hot takes, that time in history where morons, using social media, strive to say the most outrageous things just so they can claim to have “schooled” someone, or for the “burn.”


Yesterday, President Trump had a physical. It caused a lot of emotional carnage in the ranks of the progressive left and the never-Trump movement because a lot of people were certain than Trump had had a stroke, or he was a full-blown Alzheimer’s case, or whatever. CNN’s TV-Doc, Sanjay whatever-his-name-is (to quote Chris Cuomo), was reduced to arguing with the White House physician over what Trump’s test results meant. CNN’s Brian Stetler tweeted while on suicide watch that the issue was never Trump’s health, but his fitness for the office.

The prize probably goes to Sports illustrated. President Trump, who is 71, was measured at 6’3″, 239 pounds. This was the Sports Illustrated hot take: Athletes Who Are the Same Size as Donald Trump. It places images of Trump side-by-side with various professional athletes who are about 40 years younger than Trump. Did I mention that Trump is 71.


And it goes on and on. Ladies (and some of you guys), if you’re interested in seeing Jay Cutler’s highly toned, bare-naked arse you won’t be disappointed…unless you wanted to see it juxtaposed with Trump’s.

How is this even meaningful?

But I must watch my words, because Saint Jeff the Flake says these are the douchebags upon whom Western Civilization relies for its very survival. I wouldn’t want to ruin their morale.


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