Cory Booker's Reaction to Sh**hole-Gate Makes Him a Lock for the Presidency

I suppose we had to eventually reach FARCEMAX in the coverage of sh**hole-gate but I didn’t think it would end like this. My personal bet was that it would fade away and we would look back at the arguing over whether President Trump said sh**hole or sh**house as the logical end even though the real logical end was the moment when the first person insisted Haiti is not one of those countries.


Just now Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker may have just driven a stake through the heart of sh**hole-gate as anything other than a joke.

You’re sh***ing me, right? Big, fat rage-y tears?

The only thing that could make this more ridiculous would be if Booker was speaking in a Foghorn Leghorn voice. I think whatever acting school Booker attended needs to give him his money back.


The only good news is this over-the-top performance probably cost him any shot he had at running for president.


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