BREAKING. "Bi-Partisan" DREAMer Bill Is Just as Bad as We Thought It Would Be

Image by Kevin Galens, via Flickr Creative Commons

Image by Kevin Galens, via Flickr Creative Commons


Last week we got a glimpse of the plan the so-called “Gang of Six” were going to float to fix the DREAMer mess.


It’s going to be rolled out Wednesday and it sucks every bit as much in real life as it did in concept:

Top line summary:

To me, there are two major breaches of faith in this plan. First, we reward illegal aliens who brought their children to the US by giving them protected status. This is bonkers. Though this plan says there is no pathway to citizenship for these people you have to be delusional not to see how this movie ends. Second, DREAMers who are criminals might be allowed to stay in the US.


This is a terrible idea. It fixes nothing because this amnesty will attract more DREAMers. It doesn’t stop the bullsh** diversity lottery program. It ties the border wall expansion in administrative knots.

I hope President Trump declares this travesty dead on arrival. If he supports this then the GOP is looking at a bloodbath in 2018.


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