A Surprise Event Says That John Conyers Really Is Toast

Ralph Alswang via Center for American Progress and Flickr Creative Commons https://www.flickr.com/photos/americanprogress/

Yesterday, I was pretty convinced that Representative John Conyers would survive the sexual harassment maelstrom that is engulfing the media and Congress. There is no real process for the House to remove him for what he’s alleged to have done and he seemed to have the support of the Congressional Black Caucus. This latter fact is why I ignored Nancy Pelosi’s announcement this morning. In fact, as I posted last night, one of the most powerful members of the CBC, Representative James Clyburn, has doubted the veracity of the allegations and insinuated that white women just can’t be believed. But something is afoot in the House because just a short while ago the same James Clyburn said John Conyers should resign.

This probably means that Conyers is finished. With the Minority leader calling for him to go and his CBC support falling away, it is hard to see how Conyers avoids resignation or a trip to Fort Marcy Park.

(Note: If Conyers does resign, his seat will be filled by a special election and not by an appointment by the governor, so it will not effect the partisan make-up of the House.)