Either USA Today Is Dumber Than We Thought or They've Pulled the Most Epic Twitter Troll of All Time

You will have to decide. Here’s the evidence.

Surely everyone, especially at RedState, is familiar with and remembers this infamous “aid” to assist journalists in identifying weapons:


And most are familiar with the legendary stupidity of the Fourth Estate when it comes to describing anything to do with weapons, shooting, or marksmanship.

So today, USA Today pulled off what was either a spectacular adventure in incompetence, or the most epic Twitter troll of all time.

This is a Twitter video that was used to promote an actual USA Today story on the weapon used by the guy who killed 26 people in the church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. In particular, they are talking about the ways in which an AR-15, or one of the many knockoffs, can be modified to make it more deadly.

So, again, presented as real modifications that people should worry about.

Now, when you get to about 0:35 you see this:

What makes me think this may be the most trollish thing ever is the clarification that accompanies the video. It’s perfect.


Yes, that says chainsaw bayonet and no, we didn’t make that up. If only.

The chainsaw bayonet mod. I’d buy it.

If you want another laugh, check out some of these modifications proposed on Twitter. Here’s one example:


So. It’s your choice. Real? Or are they having us on?


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