Politico's Washington Correspondent Defends Obama's Honor and Things Go off the Rails. FAST

Often the internet is a great way of divining the politics of allegedly non-partisan political reporters, and I say this as someone who has been blocked on Twitter by CNN’s Jake Tapper and the Washington Post’s Josh Rogin for pointing out blatant partisanship in only the most amusing way. Today, for instance, some guy ominously named Ethan Sacks writing in USA Today–if that’s the correct word to use when using the electronic equivalent of crayons–decides the season is right to fellate Barack Obama…because if you are in the media that is season is every day: Barack Obama explains why he’ll no longer take selfies with people.


“This seems trivial, but it’s not. One of the weird things about being president is I found people were no longer looking me in the eye.

“They approach me either like this, or like this” Obama added, mimicking phone-waving selfie-takers.

And he pointed out to the crowd of young activists, that means they aren’t seeing the bigger picture.

Yep. Trivial is the correct word but trivial describes any part of the Obama administration that can’t be described as “disastrous.” Oddly enough, the story is accompanied by an image of Obama mugging for a selfie at the funeral of Nelson Mandela…because we all process grief differently.

Into this comes Politico’s Washington correspondent, Edward-Isaac Dovere (if you can’t see the embed, this is the link):

Why the progressive media who shamed themselves for eight years by covering for someone who was clearly their idol can’t give up the love affair never ceases to amaze me. Obama’s love affair with himself and the camera was fodder for jokes for years. Trying to claim he never took selfies with random supporters could have been disproven with a quick Google search. And it is guys like this who are telling us how Washington really runs.



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