San Juan Mayor Has Time for T-Shirts and Television but No Time for FEMA


Yulin Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, was made famous today


I don’t really disagree with this on an empirical basis. Of course her attacks are political because the Democrats and the NeverTrumpers are out to make this into Trump’s Hurricane Katrina. It is a documented fact that local workers, longshoremen and truck drivers in particular, are not showing up to work. Not even a third of Puerto Rico’s National Guard is on duty. I might not have written it the same way but I don’t have a problem with it being said.

While she was complaining about people dying, somehow she had time to obtain a commemorative t-shirt

That claim was so outrageous that even Geraldo freakin Rivera, Mr. Al Capone’s Safe, himself, who is on the ground in Puerto Rico called bullsh** on it.


She was interviewed demanding help in front of pallet upon pallet of supplies. Those pallets are not being delivered because her city can’t find truck drivers to deliver them. That is not a federal responsibility.


But the most interesting thing has come out of ABC News:


The FEMA adminstrator also said she has not been to the FEMA command center and is not participating in the unified effort:

It is also amazing that the mayor of the neighboring city of Guaynabo sees things very differently:

The mayor of a Puerto Rican city that sits next to San Juan praised the administration’s help Saturday night, and chided the “politics” of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who has been criticizing President Trump.

In an interview with Secrets, Guaynabo Mayor Angel Perez Otero said that in several meetings with FEMA and U.S. military officials about the recovery effort, Yulin Cruz has been absent. “I’ve seen other mayors participating. She’s not,” said Perez Otero.

Despite days of praise for the government’s effort from Puerto Rico’s governor, Yulin Cruz has become the new face of the island in the media with her sharp criticism of the administration’s efforts.

Asked if he has seen similar shortfalls and non-communication from the administration, Perez Otero said “that’s not been my experience.” He added, “There is a lot of politics in Puerto Rico.”

Perez Otero added that the San Juan mayor “is my friend.” His municipality sits just west of San Juan. Together, they make up most of the San Juan metropolitan area.

Perez Otero said that he has been in constant contact with military, FEMA and White House officials and has been promised that “they won’t leave until Puerto Rico is good.” He added that a top Trump aide quoted the president saying that the aid so far “is not enough. There is going to be more.”


You don’t have to be a particularly keen observer to connect the dots here. Cruz was an early supporter of Hillary Clinton who abandoned Clinton in May 2016 to endorse Sanders. Up until a few days ago she was complimentary of FEMA and other federal efforts. Now she’s not. She has refused to come to the FEMA command center to participate in planning. Why would any responsible elected official refuse to go to the FEMA command center? The answer is simple. Just as Eric Holder was more than willing to kill Mexicans and the occasional US Border Patrol agent to create a fact case for more regulation of gun sales, Yulin Cruz is willing to make her constituents suffer in order to create a bogus narrative of an incompetent and ineffective federal response.


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