Trump Causes Media Consternation With His After Church Comment on North Korea


This morning President Trump was leaving Sunday services at St. John’s Episcopal Church (or so it looks to me) on Lafayette Square in DC following the observance of the National Day of Prayer. The media pool is outside waiting for his exit:


From the general tenor of the tweets, and given the rogue’s gallery sending them, I think I’m supposed to hear the dog whistle of incompetence. Pardon me, if I don’t.

Granted, the best course of action would have been to wave and ignore them. But, Trump, as Ron White says, “has the right to remain silent, he just does not have the ability.”

“We’ll see” is hardly a threat and probably reflects pretty much where the National Security apparatus of the United States stands right now. We’ve laid down a marker that a nuclear capable ICBM could be cause for a US pre-emptive strike. Right now we’re trying to evaluate the test data we’ve collected to determine exactly what the North Koreans exploded today. “We’ll see” seems like a perfectly acceptable answer and would be for any Democrat president.