The Next Time Someone Tells You the Antifa Are Not as Bad as White Supremacists Remember These Videos


There are a whole lot of people out there, left and, perhaps unsurprisingly, also on the right, who are so obsessed with finding Nazis in their sock drawer that they are trying to convince everyone that the so-called Antifa really aren’t as bad as neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Screw that noise.


This is from the Berkeley demonstration. The set up is that a man, who in some reports is said to be a disabled WW II vet, is surrounded by Antifa. I don’t know how he got there, it isn’t material. (I also doubt that he’s a WW II vet as the youngest of those is 88+ years old.) I don’t even care if the guy is a veteran. These people are scum.

Take a look:

The people who need their asses kicked good and hard here are the alleged parents of the snotty little douche with the bandanna over his face. They raised this little monster and should be called to account for their failures.

Here one of the masked pu**y brigade dumps water on the guy:

Inevitably one of these clashes is going to turn bloody and unless the Antifa are assaulting a pre-school picnic, they will be the ones whose bodies are dropping. When the smoke clears I will be hard pressed to give a rat’s ass that a lot of them are dead.


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