You Will Be Made To Care: White Supremacy Edition


The other day I retweeted this as a joke.


It looks like it has been making the circuit of the loony left fringe for a couple of years but the first time it caught my attention was this week.


Obviously it makes sense if you are sufficiently “woke” but to a normal person it would appear ridiculous on its face. The idea that self-improvement, aka ‘Bootstrap Theory,’ is a white supremacist dog whistle is patent bullsh**. Around the turn of the last century, some of the most popular books were the ‘rags-to-riches’ novels by Horatio Alger. (And no, Ragged Dick, was not a venereal disease.) These were not intended to show a black audience how industrious white orphans were.

But, if the hard left has taught us one thing, it is that there is literally nothing they will not believe and will not insist you believe.

Nevertheless, this was so over the top I wrote it off as self-parody. I was wrong.


She’s not joking. What you’re seeing here is stupidity-on-crystal-meth-and-steroids become mainstream leftism in very short period of time.


As Erick Erickson was famous for saying, “You will be made to care.” He meant you will not be allowed to ignore the vicious stupidity of the left. You will be made to care. You will bake that cake.

We are living in a time when our basic freedoms are being assaulted not by a totalitarian police state but by the idolatry of feelings and a few million self-appointed nannies. What makes this worse is that so many conservatives are befouling their drawers at the thought that someone might find them guilty of WrongThink that they’ve lost the courage to defend unpopular or even hateful speech as the necessary price we must pay for living in a free society.


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