Democrat Congresswoman: Dana Loesch and NRA Are Domestic Security Threats

If you haven’t been following it, Dana Loesch has been embroiled in a pseudo-controversy. It starts with the shooting of a Minnesota man, Philando Castile, by police officers and their subsequent acquittal of criminal charges. The NRA has been accused of hypocrisy, racism, and who knows what else, because they refused to get involved in the case. Dana Loesch has been trying to explain their rationale and taking all kinds of abuse in the process. (I’m not going to get into the case or the actions of a private, membership based organization, because I haven’t followed the case and, quite honestly, they aren’t material to this post.)


Somehow, this all drew the attention of NY Democrat Representative Kathleen Rice. Rice is a two term congresswoman. She succeeded Carolyn McCarthy and, like her, is that peculiar variety of anti-gun nutter that Long Island regularly squirts out.

This is how it starts.

Then Rice chimes in:

And then it escalates:

How does this even freakin work? Rice was a rather corrupt NY prosecutor who one judge said should have been disbarred, but even such a creature should understand that a) the police officers involved were charged with a crime and b) a jury acquitted them. Like it or not, the NRA had nothing to do with that.

As a private organization, the NRA gets to choose when it speaks and when it doesn’t. These are both strategic and tactical decisions that can be disagreed with but they are under no moral, legal, or ethical obligation to weigh in on every case all the time. Criticism is fair play. That’s how it works in a free society. But to go from there to having a member of Congress declare a group and an individual a “domestic security threat” because they didn’t respond the way a very particular mob wanted them to respond is simply wrong and demonstrates Rice is as unfit to be a member of Congress as she was to be a prosecutor.



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