John Kelly to Jeff Sessions: Your Job Is Safe and Welcome Back to the Fold

So the immediate trials and tribulations of Attorney General Jeff Sessions seem to be at an end. Via the AP:

New White House chief of staff John Kelly, in one of his first acts in his new post, called Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reassure him that his position was safe despite the recent onslaught of criticism he has taken from President Donald Trump.

Kelly called Sessions on Saturday to stress that the White House was supportive of his work and wanted him to continue his job, according to two people familiar with the call. The people demanded anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about a private conversation. Kelly, who was appointed to the post the day before, described the president as still miffed at Sessions but did not plan to fire him or hope he would resign.


This, if true, is a great decision. I have real differences with Sessions on civil asset forfeiture and sentencing guidelines but those pale by comparison with the areas where he is making great strides. Trump’s badgering and belittling of Sessions was demeaning more to Trump and to the presidency than it was to Sessions. It painted a picture of a guy who was afraid to fire someone and was simply acting out like a pre-schooler.

When considered along with the Scaramucci defenestration, it all gives the impression of a president who knows that his White House is a dumpster fire of backbiting, ineffficiency, and douchebaggery and wants Kelly to clean it up. Getting rid of Scaramucci and putting the Sessions drama to bed shows that Kelly, for the moment, is in charge.


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