Ted Cruz Delivers the Verdict on the GOPs ObamaCare Repeal Failure (VIDEO)

“No party can remain in power by lying to the American people.”

The five years I’ve served in the Senate, there’s no issue I have fought harder on, devoted more time to than stopping the disaster that is ObamaCare, and mark my words, I am committed to this fight. As long as there is breath in my body, I will be fighting for the working men and women of this country that are being hurt by Obamacare and I believe it will be repealed.

No party can remain in power by lying to the American people. I hope and pray our party doesn’t try to do that.


In 2010, they’d repeal ObamaCare if we gave them the House. In 2014, they just needed the Senate. In 2016, the lack of the presidency was all that stood between ObamaCare and repeal.

This past month has revealed a sizable minority within the GOP for the lying and disingenuous opportunists they are. Some of them explicitly ran for reelection on repealing ObamaCare. I won’t name any names.


Unlike Senator Cruz, I don’t think ObamaCare will be repealed. I think this week set us firmly on the glideslope to single payer, the elimination of consumer choice and federal control of health care. The pressure to prop up ObamaCare will be intense and if the Senate could not bring itself to repeal ObamaCare, you know it will not fail to bail out this abomination.


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