BREAKING. President Trump Announces Ban on Transgender in Military

As one of my platoon sergeants used to say, this is from the mouth of the horse:


Holy Common Sense, Batman.

Barely a week ago, the military put off a decision on allowing the enlistment/commissioning of people suffering from the mental illness called ‘gender dysphoria.’

As I pointed out, the premise was insane. The military will not allow a person with braces to serve on active duty and the ongoing medical attention needed to manage orthodontics is nothing compared to that needed by transgenders in the pre-op and post-op stages.

As far as I can tell, regulations haven’t been published and the DOD website still says transgenders will be allowed to serve:


So this decision, assuming Trump didn’t have bad pad thai last night and wake up ready to tweet, was closely held and made at the service chief level. Probably because the service chiefs all wanted the policy but all were afraid to go public in favor and they decided to let Trump do it because courting controversy is what he does. And, of course, there is a political dimension:


The practical implications are these:

Military hospitals will no longer perform gender reassignment surgery. (Okay, I’m of two minds on this because I can’t think of any way to better discourage transgenderism than to require that all surgeries be performed at military hospitals. One or two cases of a fake penis being attached to someone’s forehead or losing a gall bladder and three feet of colon in a surgical “misadventure” would be a helluva deterrent.)

Transgender persons in the enlistment process will not be processed.

Transgender persons now on active duty or serving in the reserves will be processed for an administrative discharge.

This is a great decision and it overturns a profoundly stupid and politically driven decision by Ash Carter’s SJWs.


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