The Washington Post Fact Checker Gave One of Trump's Remarks Its Highest Rating for Truthfulness (VIDEO)

Yesterday, at the widely lampooned cabinet meeting, President Trump made this statement:

“This is our first Cabinet meeting with the entire Cabinet present. The confirmation process has been record-setting long — and I mean record-setting long — with some of the finest people in our country being delayed and delayed and delayed.”


Naturally, this was fertile ground for the Washington Post’s “fact-checker,” Glenn Kessler.

We’ve been very critical of Kessler’s honesty and intelligence for good cause. He has retweeted fake Trump père campaign videos and was thoroughly punked by a bogus “rider” listing Trump’s demands for his hotel stay in Israel. His high point came during the 2012 campaign when he rated a Mitt Romney claim “True but False.” So hopes were not high when he delved into this subject.

The Pinocchio Test

We are not going to be nit-picky about the fact that Obama’s Cabinet took one more day to get in place than Trump’s Cabinet. Clearly, the delays faced by Trump’s Cabinet are historically long. Some of the delay may be due to the administration’s own handling of ethical vetting procedures, as well as his proclivity to name controversial choices. But Trump also faced unusually sustained opposition for a new president, including cloture votes demanded for 14 of his choices.

As readers know, we award the Geppetto Checkmark for claims that are surprisingly correct. Trump earns it here.

Geppetto Checkmark


I hope Trump puts this one in a frame alongside the framed electoral maps because he isn’t going to see either of those again.


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