Defense Admits to Being Dumbfounded by President Trump's Tweets

Earlier today these tweets were sent out by the @realDonaldTrump twitter account.


What they refer to is several Arab states, led by Saudi Arabia, cutting off diplomatic and commercial ties with Qatar.

When asked about it at today’s press conference, the Pentagon’s spokesman plead ignorance:

The Pentagon on Tuesday said it could not square President Trump’s tweets about Qatar and terrorism with its own statement about the country’s enduring commitment to regional security.

“I can’t help you with that,” Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said in response to a question about reconciling the president’s social media remarks and Department of Defense comments about the U.S. ally.

“I will only tell you that we have, with regard to our bases there, continued presence in our operations.”

Davis declined to answer a question about whether Qatar supports terrorism saying: “I’m not the right person to ask that. I consider them a host to our very important base at Al Udeid.”

When asked whether Trump’s Twitter messages could impact U.S. forces’ safety in Qatar, Davis said the Pentagon has not taken additional security measures.

“We already have very high levels of security. We have not made any changes,” he said.

He did not know whether there have been high level discussions between Pentagon officials and Qatar since the president’s tweet.

Davis also insisted that the dispute between Qatar and its Arab neighbors has not impacted operations at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar’s capital of Doha.

“We hope for a quick resolution and we have no intention of altering our current operations, not only in Qatar but anywhere in the [Gulf Cooperation Council]. That includes important bases we have around the region, Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain,” Davis said.

He added that there are ongoing diplomatic discussions, “but at the military operations level it has not had an impact.”


Obviously, none of this is good and the sooner Trump’s lawyers break his fingers the better off he and the rest of us will be.


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