MYSTERY SOLVED. Flashing Red Lights at White House Edition (VIDEO)

MYSTERY SOLVED. Flashing Red Lights at White House Edition (VIDEO)

Sunday night, while President Trump was still on a trip, flashing red lights were supposedly seen in the White House.

All you have to do is ask Twitter for theories and you will not be disappointed.


If that’s the case, I hope this guy has red strobes throughout his house.

And you have this monumentally untrue tweet from a guy who is supposed to be a lawyer and who writes legal commentary.


Again, Gizmodo does the work that the news media seems unwilling or unable to do:

The most ubiquitous theory was that it had something to do with Russia because of the color red. Others joked that Trump was blowing off some steam with a club night. Maybe the orb from Saudi Arabia was brought home by the administration? Dark occult rituals were certainly a possibility. There’s a movie from 1977 called Red Light in the White House, could it offer any clues? InfoWars told everyone they were being unreasonable with their nutjob reactions. And by far, my favorite hypothesis is that Trump was being treated with light therapy for his dimentia.

But none of those scenarios are likely to be true. The most reasonable explanation has been that we’re simply seeing the reflection of a nearby emergency vehicle’s lights in the windows.

And, it turns out, that the red lights are exactly what they look like. The reflection of the lights of an emergency vehicle on the White House.

But a spokesperson for the Secret Service solved the mystery Monday and confirmed the lights were a reflection from emergency vehicles responding to a medical incident outside the White House campus.

“The red lights had nothing to do with the White House,” a Secret Service spokesperson told The Post.

A spokesman for DC Fire and EMS confirmed the medical emergency that brought a fire truck and ambulance to nearby Lafayette Park at that time. A man fell ill on a park bench across the street from the White House at 8:09 p.m. Sunday. Emergency responders were on scene from 8:12 to 8:47 p.m., according to communications chief Doug Buchanan.

The man was treated at the scene and declined transport to a hospital.

This is not unsurprising if you are in the least familiar with Lafayette Park.

We apparently live in an age where there is actually nothing too silly for the media to pick up and engage in wild speculation over. The only thing we know for certain is that this nonsense will stop once a Democrat returns to the White House.

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