Police and Secret Service Keep Alt-Right and Hipster Left From Engaging in a Slapfight (VIDEO)

You may recall alt-right thought-leader Richard Spencer. He’s the guy who was giving the press conference on Inauguration Day and became famous forever



He’s now reprised his role as a piñata for hooded hipsters who hit like girls.

Richard Spencer just got beaten up again, and this time the notorious leader of the Alt Right movement reportedly got glitter bombed to go along with a few punches to the face.

That anger reportedly came to a head again this weekend, when Richard Spencer was attacked while leading a demonstration in Washington, D.C., against the military strikes against Syria. After speaking to the crowd at the rally, Spencer was reportedly confronted by a group of counter-protesters who shouted “Go home Nazis” and called him a “Nazi snowflake,” the site Anti-Facist News reported.

The counter-protesters then chased Richard Spencer across the park, with police following along.

I’m going to link to the video because there is nothing in it that indicates Spencer was actually touched or chased, but fantasy is where both sides dwell so who knows, maybe it did happen. What the video does do is show just how pathetic both sides in this street theater is. Language is NSFW.

Sad to say, if this was a battle of ideas, Richard Spencer comes out of it looking like Einstein by comparison to the people trying to shut him down.

It is a matter of time though until Spencer, if he wishes to make public appearances, starts traveling with his own latter-day Sturmabteilung. You don’t have to be a genius to see that this is going to happen. It is actually quite predictable. And then we’ll see if both sides still think this is amusing.


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