Watch Chris Cuomo Tie Himself In Knots To Avoid Offending the #BLM Crowd

Over the weekend the most interesting defense of slain thug, Michael Brown, emerged via a “documentary” by a spawn of Michael Moore’s agitprop machine named Jason Pollack.


The official record documents Brown roughing up a convenience store employee as he brazenly shoplifts a box of cheap-ass, nasty cigars. There’s no accounting for taste, it seems. Then Brown proceeded to get into a confrontation with a police officer, attempted to steal the officer’s weapon, battered the officer, and then we are all supposed to shocked that the “gentle giant” ended up dead.

Pollack has an explanation that makes it all better. Brown was not a thief and idiot, he was a drug dealer and idiot. What we interpreted as a strong-arm robbery was actually a dispute between business associates. I don’t know if that story is true or not, and no one ever will, but to things are damned sure. First, no matter what happened in the store Brown beat a police officer, tried to steal his weapon, and ended up getting what he richly deserved. Second, Jason Pollack should not go into public relations because that is the worst spinning of facts for a client that I’ve ever heard.

Today, Pollack was on CNN’s New Day program, hosted by Chris Cuomo. Cuomo, if you recall, is the guy who thinks that if you object to a nude adult “transwoman” in your daughter’s locker room that it is you, the parent, who are the problem. Also on the show were veteran race baiter, Marc Lamont Hill, and veteran NYPD police detective Harry Houck. The whole segment has to be seen to be appreciated but I’m going to focus on what happens at 1:34 and after.


CUOMO: But what do you make of this suggestion that there’s more there than the reckoning of how Mike Brown was painted, and what led up to the altercation?

HOUCK: It still shows him as a drug dealer anyway if its true.


THREE SECONDS OF DEAD AIR: [You have to watch Houck’s face at this point]

HOUCK: Mister Pollack basically said that…

POLLACK: It was marijuana…

HOUCK: …he was giving marijuana for cigarillos, right? That’s what he said.

CUOMO: That doesn’t mean he’s a drug dealer. Even if it’s all true…

HOUCK: It’s a drug deal, Chris. It’s a drug deal. It doesn’t matter how its done. If I give you drugs for something, that’s a drug deal.

CUOMO: Right.

HOUCK: You go to jail, okay.

CUOMO: But that doesn’t make him a drug deal-ER. That’s all I’m saying.

Aaaand it went downhill from there with Pollack eventually, according to Mediaite, employing the argument guaranteed to carry the day on CNN:

“[Brown] is innocent,” screamed Pollock. “Continue your white supremacy. You look ridiculous.”

I guess “check your privilege” was inappropriate or unavailable.

Pollack’s entire exercise seems rather ill-thought-out and intellectually bankrupt. No matter what the relationship between Brown and the store employee, the video demonstrates that Brown had an inclination towards the use of casual violence. This is 100% in character with how the investigation eventually described the fatal encounter Brown had with a police officer based on witness testimony and forensic evidence. He was using violence to either steal or to keep a business associate in line. I really makes no difference. In both cases Brown was engaged in criminal conduct, whether it be taking stuff that he wanted because he could or acting as a part of a drug distribution network.


Just like with the issue of the “transwoman” on Twitter, Cuomo tied himself in lots of tiny knots to appease whatever progressive thought leaders he imagined were listening to his tiny little program.


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