Marco Rubio Calls Out Democrats For Their Disrespect Of Slain SEAL's Widow (VIDEO)

The appearance of the widow of CPO William “Ryan” Ownens, Carryn Owens as President Trump’s first State of the Union address has to rate as one of the most authentic, powerful, and emotional moments in the history of that speech. Trump has caught a lot of flak for the raid in which Owens, a Navy SEAL, lost his life. His critics on this include anonymous leakers who have sought to pin the blame directly on Trump as well as the father of CPO Owens. When Carryn Owens stood last night, obviously overwhelmed, the place erupted into one of the longest sustained ovations ever given at an SOTU. But it was all Republican applause. As you can see from the image the Democrats remained firmly in their seats. Moments earlier Nancy Pelosi had been giving a clownish “thumbs down” to Trump.



This morning Florida Senator Marco Rubio was on Fox & Friends to discuss the State of the Union speech. Rubio took time to acknowledge the childishness and churlishness of Democrats who could not put aside petty and bitter partisanship for long enough to pay tribute to the widow of a slain member of the US Armed Forces. Go to 2:00 for the relevant segment:

It was a stunning moment we were standing up for that minute-and-a-half ovation for the widow of that Navy SEAL, and I turned back around my shoulder and I see half the room, most of them sitting down. I was just shocked by that.

Back in the early days of RedState, in the heat of the Iraq War, I caught a lot of flak on leftwing sites for saying that the left were not my countrymen. I will repeat that here today. It wasn’t invective then. It isn’t today. It is merely an observation. These aren’t merely people with whom I have policy disagreements. These people are vile and evil, they stand four-square against everything I believe in. They stand against and deny the very principles that under-girded the founding of this nation. I have nothing in common with them and I don’t want to have anything in common with them.



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