DREAMer Learns Valuable Life Lesson About Trolling the ICE

This is just too delicious. It is a shame this is reported on Ash Wednesday because it is making me feel guilty about laughing.

Moments after an immigrant spoke out about her fears of deportation, she was detained by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

Daniela Vargas, 22, was detained by ICE agents Wednesday morning, shortly after speaking at a news conference in downtown Jackson, according to her attorney, Abby Peterson.

The news conference was hosted by local immigration attorneys, churches and the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance to bring attention to families impacted by deportation.

Vargas’ brother and father were detained outside their home by ICE agents in February. Vargas hid in the closet. When she was discovered by agents, she was temporarily handcuffed and then released.


To make matters worse, not only is Vargas lacking in commonsense,

After her father and brother were detained, Vargas previously told The Clarion-Ledger she planned to go into hiding. She came out of hiding to speak at the conference.

she isn’t terribly bright either. And by “not terribly bright” I mean “bag of clawhammers level of stupidity.”

Vargas was 7 years old when her family came to America from Argentina, placing her under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, immigration policy. Under the policy, DACA recipients have to reapply every two years. Vargas’ DACA is expired but her renewal application is pending.

Peterson said she told agents via telephone Vargas had a pending DACA case. However, agents reportedly told Peterson that Vargas was a “visa overstay” and will be detained.

Vargas has no bond and is in ICE detention.

Since she came into the country on a visa waiver program, Vargas could be processed without a hearing, Peterson said.

If you are here illegally and the only thing you have to do to stay and be able to work is fill out a form on time, for heaven’s sake, buy a calendar and put that date on it. IN RED AND ALL CAPS!!!!

I have sympathy for these alleged DREAMers. But Congress needs to act to fix the law and if they don’t the DACA program needs to go away because it is patently illegal legislative action being carried out by the executive branch. What I don’t have sympathy for is people who break the law and the flout their lawlessness by showing up to lambaste the government at these rallies. There is no reason that behavior should be tolerated. Not only is it corrosive of respect for the law it is a sure marker that the person doing it is a crappy person and we should deport them while we have the chance.



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