The White House Is Setting The Agenda For the Sunday Shows Today

If you want to know what the theme will be of this Sunday’s talk shows, I can tell you right now. It is going to be like last weekend, only moreso. In other words, there will be more frothing about Trump’s war with the media.


Two things happened today that will dominate the weekend news cycle. First, Trump spoke at CPAC. His focus was not so much on what he’s done and what he plans to do as it was on the duplicity of the news media. I cover one part of that speech in this post. The focus will be less his attack on certain media for their reliance on thoroughly unreliable sources for hit pieces than this particular variety of panty wadding:

This is bullsh** from beginning to end but that is what the Sunday Shows will focus on.


The White House blocked a number of news outlets from covering spokesman Sean Spicer’s question-and-answer session on Friday afternoon.

Spicer decided to hold an off-camera “gaggle” with reporters inside his West Wing office instead of the traditional on-camera briefing in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room.

Among the outlets not permitted to cover the gaggle were news organizations that President Trump has singled out for criticism, including CNN.

The New York Times, The Hill, Politico, BuzzFeed, the Daily Mail, BBC, the Los Angeles Times and the New York Daily News were among the other news organizations not permitted to attend.

Several right-leaning outlets were allowed into Spicer’s office, including Breitbart, the Washington Times and One America News Network.

A number of major news organizations were also let in to cover the gaggle. That group included ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Reuters and


This will be portrayed as some kind of assault on the First Amendment when, at the most, it is an slap at their credibility.

These two factors together virtually guarantee that just about everything else will vanish into the mist this weekend. But the media still doesn’t get it:

They will spend all day today and all weekend talking about Trump’s favorite subject and they claim he’s obsessed with them.



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