New Poll Reveals Rodney King Is Very Popular With Americans

As rioters were burning parts of Los Angeles to the ground in 1992 after a Simi Valley jury acquitted four police officers of beating Rodney King, King, himself, gave this iconic interview:


A new poll says that Americans are pretty much with Rodney King:

This is the key takeaway:


Bad news, America. It ain’t gonna happen.

You see polls like this all the time that purport to demonstrate that Americans want bipartisanship. Usually they appear when the left is getting its ass kicked on policy. The two things that are important in the poll are that statistically more people want Trump to stand fast than want Democrats to obstruct (5 points) and a clear majority of self-identified Republicans want Trump to hold fast.

When you take into consideration the 2018 Senate races, things look even better for Trump being able to push his agenda. There are six Democrat senators who are on political life support and they cannot survive if they hang tough with the anti-Trump Democrats. There are three more Democrats from states that Trump carried who could be very vulnerable in an off year election if they are seen as being part of the problem.

All in all, it would seem that the majority of Americans are doomed to be disappointed. Trench warfare will continue and in that struggle the numbers indicate that Trump is in a slightly better position than the Democrats.


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