San Francisco PD Stops Cooperating With Federal Anti-Terrorism Investigations

San Francisco PD Stops Cooperating With Federal Anti-Terrorism Investigations

I suppose this makes sense in some kind of alternative universe were actions do not have consequences:

San Francisco police will suspend the department’s much-criticized collaboration with FBI counterterrorism efforts, police said Wednesday, in an announcement that was celebrated by civil liberties and immigration advocates who have long called for stricter oversight of local participation in federal enforcement.

The announcement comes as San Francisco moves to disengage from the federal government under the Trump administration, especially in regard to the president’s directives on immigration and the treatment of Muslims.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force, which has two full-time city officers assigned to it, was established in 2007, when the police force entered into an agreement with the FBI that authorized intelligence-gathering by San Francisco officers of people engaged in First Amendment activities such as religious services, protests and political assemblies.

Advocates penned a letter to the Police Commission last month raising concerns that the department would follow federal law over local ordinances such as San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy, which limits city employees’ cooperation with federal immigration agents.

Under the Trump administration, they said, it is more important than ever that San Francisco officers commit to enforcing San Francisco policies.

Naturally, one of the big proponents of SFPD severing ties with the FBI is CAIR, which is for all intents and purposes a front group for Islamic terrorists.

All I can think of when I read this is this epic scene from the cinema classic Blazing Saddles:

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