REVEALED. The Obama Administration Let the Iranian Government Dictate the Iran Nuclear Deal IN THE WHITE HOUSE

FILE - In this Jan. 16, 2016 file-pool photo, Secretary of State John Kerry talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Vienna, after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) verified that Iran has met all conditions under the nuclear deal. Donald Trump isn’t going to rip up the Iran nuclear deal on Day One as president, but his vows to renegotiate the terms and increase enforcement could imperil an agreement that has put off the threat of Tehran developing atomic weapons. (Kevin Lamarque/Pool via AP, File)

Last week we posted on how Barak Obama’s deputy national security adviser and congenital liar, Ben Rhodes, was denied a security clearance by the FBI because his very, very, very, very close ties to the Iranian government and how he somehow got one anyway. Now that Obama is gone and people are no longer afraid of retribution, that Rhodes and his fellow travelers allowed the Iranian government to craft the Iran nuclear deal that Obama persuaded a callow, feckless, and rather dense Bob Corker to push through the US Senate.


Two high-level Iranian government backers, including a former Islamic Republic official and another accused of lobbying on Tehran’s behalf, were hosted at the Obama White House for more than 30 meetings with top officials at key junctures in the former administration’s contested diplomacy with Iran, according to White House visitor logs that provide a window into the former administration’s outreach to leading pro-Iran advocates.

Seyed Mousavian, a former Iranian diplomat and head of its national security council, was hosted at the White House at least three times, while Trita Parsi, a pro-Iran advocate long accused of hiding his ties to the Iranian government, met with Obama administration officials some 33 times, according to recently updated visitor logs.

Sources familiar with the nature of the meetings told the Washington Free Beacon that both Parsi and Mousavian helped the White House craft its pro-Iran messaging and talking points that helped lead to the nuclear agreement with Iran. These efforts were part of a larger pro-Iran deal “echo chamber” led by senior Obama administration officials who were tasked with misleading Congress about the nature of the deal.

Mousavian, who also served as Iran’s spokesperson during negotiations with the international community on the Iran deal, visited with White House National Security Council official Robert Malley, who advised the former president about the Middle East and the Islamic State terror group.

Peter Kohanloo, president of the Iranian American Majority, which opposes the hardline regime in Tehran, said that advocates such as Mousavian and Parsi played a key role in ensuring the Iran deal was inked.

“I would say the fact that the Iranian regime’s top advocate had such a high level of access to the Obama White House tells you everything you need to know about how the nuclear deal was made and why President Trump rightfully called it a bad deal,” Kohanloo said. “The new administration should immediately rethink its approach to the Iranian threat and discard the policies of the past.”


You can view the visitors logs for yourself.

The Iran deal was nothing more or less that the abject capitulation of the United States and the sell out of the handful of allies we have in the region. We got nothing from the deal. Iran got to establish a sphere of influence that now includes Iraq and Syria. It got to keep 100% of its nuclear capacity. It got to keep IAEA inspectors on a short leash. It got the United States to send Iran some $1.8 billion in cash and 120 tons of uranium. And it got a commitment from the United States to defend Iran’s nuclear infrastructure from direct and cyber attacks.

At some point people need to stop obsessing on Mike Flynn’s calls to the Russian Ambassador in Washington and start focusing on the extent to which Barack Obama’s White House served as a willing proxy for the strategic objectives of the Iranian government.


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