You Won't Believe Planned Parenthood's Plan For Saving Their Place At the Federal Trough

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Planned Parenthood’s most recent financial statement paints a picture of an organization in crisis. Funding is falling. Customers are fleeing. Via The Signal:

  1. The claimed number of patients served dropped from 2.7 to 2.5 million.
  2. The number of abortions dropped from 327,653 to 323,999, a 1.1 percent decrease.
  3. The number of total “medical services” dropped from 10,590,433 to 9,455,582, a 10.7 percent decrease.
  4. Abortions rose from 3.1 percent to 3.4 percent of “medical services.”
  5. Total revenue dropped from $1.3034 billion to $1.2961 billion, a 0.6 percent decrease.
  6. Private contributions and bequests fell from $391.8 million to $353.5 million, a 9.8 percent decrease.
  7. Government revenue rose from $528.4 million to $553.7 million, a 4.8 percent increase.
  8. The government share of total revenue increased from 40.5 to 42.7 percent.
  9. Total expenses rose from $1.1763 billion to $1.2373 billion, a 5.2 percent increase.
  10. “Medical services” expenses rose from $769.1 million to $782.3 million, a 1.7 percent increase.
  11. The rest of Planned Parenthood’s expenses therefore rose from $407.2 to $455 million, an 11.7 percent increase, including management and general expenses, which rose from $145.9 to $164.4 million, a 12.7 percent increase.
  12. Revenue in excess of expenses (i.e. “profit” in almost any other context) fell from $127.1 million to $58.8 million, a 53.7 percent decline in one year.

The key lines to look at are 7 and 12.

Government funding, via Medicaid and Title X “Family Planning” (why is the federal government even involved in family planning? I mean other than the obvious Sanger-esque reason of eugenics and the demise of the “underclass?”) Is $553 million and profit is $58.8 million. If that money goes away, or any substantial amount of it goes away, then Planned Parenthood will have to close centers, which means fewer abortions, and it will have to shed staff, which means fewer progressives can make a living off killing babies and get a real job at Starbucks.


Despite their vociferous lies to the contrary, Planned Parenthood does nothing not already done much better by someone else except kill babies.

Every “poor” woman in the nation has access to a primary care physician by way of Medicaid. Unlike Planned Parenthood, that physician can prescribe medicines. We know from Cecile Richard’s testimony that 85% of the Planned Parenthood’s revenue is directly linked to abortion. Those famous “screenings” they provide are a service added onto abortions in order to mask the percent of their business that is built on abortion.

Planned Parenthood might be monsters on par with Kramer, Hoess and Goeth, but they aren’t stupid. They know their weakness. They know their danger. And they know the fault lines they need to exploit in order to survive.

Planned Parenthood is grappling with how to survive in the era of Donald Trump.

Republicans have long targeted the healthcare group for providing abortions, threatening to shut down the government if federal funding wasn’t pulled from the organization.

Now that the GOP has majorities in the House and Senate and controls the White House, it has its best chance in years to win a defunding battle.

Planned Parenthood officials recognize the serious threat but say they are eager for the fight.

Sure, they are because that’s what every organization is eager to do. Nothing makes you feel more alive than having to fight for your existence. And they’ve also conceded the House to the pro-life movement. That isn’t what a confident organization does.


So Planned Parenthood is trying to stop the bill in the Senate.

“We’ve talked to every member of Congress who we think has an open mind,” said Donna Crane, vice president of policy for the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL).

She declined to name specific lawmakers the group is targeting, though GOP centrist Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) have publicly shown reservations about supporting the measure if it includes the Planned Parenthood provision. Neither have indicated how they will vote.

Are you surprised that they would be relying upon two pro-abort women to save the baby killing business?

Moderate Republican Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) is signaling she doesn’t want congressional efforts to repeal ObamaCare tied to ending federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

“Obviously I’m not happy to hear that the Speaker wants to include defunding of Planned Parenthood, an extremely controversial issue, in the package,” Collins told reporters on Thursday.
Collins paired up with GOP Sens. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Mark Kirk(Ill.) in 2015 to try to strip a provision defunding Planned Parenthood from the Senate’s ObamaCare repeal bill.

Neither am I.

Three Senate Republicans, including vulnerable incumbent Mark Kirk of Illinois, helped Democrats advance a repeal of the so-called global gag rule that restricts U.S. funding to humanitarian organizations that provide abortions.

In a Senate Appropriations Committee markup Thursday, Kirk and GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) joined the left to approve an amendment to the State Department spending bill that would lift the restriction, which has been a mainstay for Republicans since the Reagan administration in the 1980s.


But that is all they have left.



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