A Delightful Good News Christmas Story About Politics

So this is Christmas and it would be nice to create a little space between secular politics and celebrating the birth of Christ. But sometimes there are rare stories that have both a secular political side and they are the quintessential good news stories that one would like to read about on Christmas. One of these comes from Harris County, Texas.


Harris County, you’ll recall, is where a grand jury was convened to investigate Planned Parenthood selling dismembered babies as a part of their business plan. However, under the watchful gaze of the “pro-life” district attorney, Devon Anderson, and her minion, Sunni Mitchell, somehow the grand jury ended up indicting the guy behind the undercover investigation, David Daleiden, and his collaborator, Sandra Merritt. Mitchell, in fact, colluded with Planned Parenthood during the grand jury investigation.

This was not Anderson and Mitchell’s first intervention on behalf of the baby slaughtering industry. In 2013, Operation Rescue produced evidence that late term abortionist Douglas Karpen had carried out abortions beyond the point permitted by Texas law and had killed babies that had survived his “procedure.” Somehow the grand jury failed to return an indictment… not that the fact that Karpen’s attorney was a close friend and major political donor to Anderson had anything to do with it I’m sure.


Anderson’s election was already on shaky ground as she’d masterminded the scheme of keeping a mentally-ill rape victim in a jail’s general population for over a month to ensure she was on hand to testify. But it was the charges against Daleiden and Merritt, even though they have been dismissed, that made the difference in the race because they led Texas conservatives to announce they would not support Anderson against her Democrat opponent Kim Ogg.

Ogg won an overwhelming victory on November 8. And now we come to the good news.

Newly elected Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg sent 37 veteran prosecutors packing today as she prepares to take office on New Year’s Day.

“Like with any good team that’s suffered a few underperforming seasons, we’re changing management. My administration is headed in a new direction,” Ogg said.

At a late afternoon news conference on Friday, Ogg said her transition team had reviewed hundreds of personnel files since the November election. Today, she notified 37 veteran prosecutors they “will not be invited back” when she takes office. Each was offered the chance to resign today.

The decisions announced today, Ogg said, affect mostly management level positions. “Most of those let go today do not have active cases,” Ogg explained to reporters.


Among them was the abortionist protecting Sunni Mitchell.

Unlike some in the pro-life movement, I don’t expect Ogg to be a friend just because pro-life and conservative voters gave her the margin of victory. Rather the opposite. But there is hope that her opposition will not extend to institutionalized corruption. And if she is overtly hostile to life, 2020 is just around the corner.


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