Politico Reporter Accuses Trump Of Incest, Gets Immediately Hired By The Atlantic

There may be a more disgusting allegation that you can throw at a parent than saying they are raping their child, but at the moment I’m rather at a loss to think of it.


Julia Ioffe, a reporter for the John Podesta edited website Politico, sent out this amazing tweet yesterday


This is a reporter at a major publication.

Contributing writer at Politico Magazine and Highline, columnist at Foreign Policy.

Now stop and think for a moment about what kind of foreign policy reporting you are going to get if you are claiming the president is having sex with his own daughter.

Politico did the right thing and fired her

As you can see, she’d already given notice that she was moving to The Atlantic. What did her new employer have to say?

Yep. That’s right. No harm, no foul. Accuse a man of raping his own daughter and the reaction is just a yawn. Imagine, just for a nanosecond, that any reporter for any publication anywhere in the United States, even Breitbart, had tweeted the same thing about Obama and one of his daughters. Would he or she ever work again? No. They wouldn’t.

But this is Trump, so whatever.


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