Donald Trump Is About To Blow the Whistle On Obama's Iranian Nuclear Giveaway

Of all the damage and humiliation Obama inflicted upon the nation there was probably nothing so severe and long lasting as his inexplicable (by logic) decision to assist Iran in obtaining nuclear weapons. The deal itself was bad enough but since it has gone into effect we’ve discovered there were secret side deals with the Iranians which opened the international banking system to Iran’s government and the terrorist groups it owns and which paid something on the order of $170 BILLION in cash to Iran which is now being put to good use in Syria. As these deals became evident Congress asked to see them but, as incredible as it may sound, the administration refused to let the Congress know what was in the deal.


The private files outlining hidden agreements in the Iran nuclear deal may be released in one of President Donald Trump’s first actions in office.

Senior officials who will be part of the Trump administration are already discussing what so-far-unseen information about the Iran agreement they will be able to make public after January, according to an individual who has participated in those conversations.

Releasing Iran nuclear deal documents would be cheered on by hawkish lawmakers who have opposed the agreement, and bolstered by cabinet appointees who have long called for transparency about it. Michael Flynn, who has been tapped for national security adviser, and Mike Pompeo, who has been picked for CIA director, have both long been bullish on providing transparency on internal information regarding Iran.

”The American people know the Iran deal is bad. I can tell you it’s even worse than most people think. The Obama Administration has long known its position is indefensible, so they’ve chosen to hide unclassified documents from the public,” said Rep. Peter Roskam, an Illinois Republican and an Iran deal critic. “If this information is not classified, it should be made available to the public.”

To keep them out of public view, these documents have been held throughout the U.S. Capitol complex in Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facilities, or SCIFs, which are built to shield top secret information. State Department protocol requires these documents can only be viewed by lawmakers and Congressional staff with a certain level of security clearance—even though they are unclassified.


The irony is that few if any of these documents are actually classified, they are simply stored in classified facilities to make viewing them near impossible.

There are basically three groups of documents that will almost certainly be made public (via the indispensable Omri Ceren of The Israel Project):

Group 1 — these are the 17 unclassified annexes, appendices, related agreements, etc given to Congress in July 2015 under Corker-Cardin. Some of them leaked almost immediately. Others never did, and would be detailed for the first time if the Trump administration released them: (1st) letters from Kerry which were aimed at drumming up business for Iran, which may indicate the deal was never sustainable but for U.S. inducements that went beyond the deal, (2nd) restrictions on Iran’s centrifuge development, which a recent report suggests have been violated by Iran.

Group 2 — these are 3 ransom deal documents signed in Geneva in January: transferring $1.7 billion cash to Iran with Swiss and Dutch help, releasing or giving up on 21 Iranian operatives, and lifting international sanctions on Iran’s main ballistic missile bank. They stayed opaque until August, then a series of WSJ reports described them, and then the WFB confirmed they were a “package deal” all signed together by State Department official McGurk and Iranian spy agency operatives. The State Department repeatedly denied confirmed details, and maintained throughout that outing banks which facilitated the transfer might chill “international partners” from cooperating with such schemes in the future. Some details never locked down: (1st) who were the Iranians who leveraged the American hostages, which could be reverse-engineered across all three documents, (2nd) how deeply did American diplomats implicate the global financial system in the deal, which would be in the first document, (3rd) what assurances did the U.S. give on sanctions relief as part of the package, which would be in the third document. [Editor’s Note; McGurk is a rather disreputable individual that demonstrates that apolitical scum can migrate easily from one administration to another.]

Group 3 — these are an unknown number of documents from the Joint Commission, which oversees the deal’s implementation, granting Iran secret exemptions for violations of the deal. Some of the exemptions have been reverse-engineered by the Institute for Science and International Security with various degrees of certainty: (1st) allowing Iran to exceed uranium restrictions by keeping uranium waste and sludge, which can be used to rush to a bomb, which was definitely granted, (2nd) allowing Iran to keep even more uranium, this time in its powderization plant, which may have been granted by a July Working Group (3rd) allowing Iran to accelerate work with advanced IR-6 centrifuges, which if was not granted means Iran is probably in violation of the deal. Any of these exemptions would suggest the deal was never sustainable but for the U.S. looking the other way or securing exemptions for Iranian cheating.


When the secret deals are revealed they will be so repulsive that even the media will have to take notice of the extent of the betrayal. Obama, however, is planning his countermoves. There are two distinct parts to how this will play out. The administration knows this agreement is unsustainable. It would have been hard for it to survive even under someone as dense and obtuse as Clinton. It has zero chance of surviving under Trump. Obama is going to leave the White House touting this deal as a game changer and blame Trump when it falls apart.


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