LEAKED EMAIL. John Podesta Tries To Get His Weiner On. And Fails.

This is sort of pathetic. You have an allegedly grown man, married, with children, seemingly trying to take that first step on the slide into full-blown adultery. In an exchange with a much younger staffer, she is about 27 or so, on some remarks that appeared in the Washington Post, you find this:


The MRC has more.

It is really hard to decide which is more inadequate, Weiner sending dick-pics to women he scarely knows or Podesta begging a young woman for attention when his only competitive advantage in the male world is his standing in the Clinton crime family.

But, being the charitable fellow that I am, I’m open to their being some perfectly innocent explanation. I would even agree to abide by the “Mrs. Podesta Test.” If Mrs. Podesta reads this and decides this is the way she wants her husband to interact with female staffers about half his age and will tell him that in front of a crowd, then I have no problem with it.