ATTENTION. The Watercooler Needs Writers. That Means YOU!

One of the items in yesterday’s Watercooler was a call for new writers for the Watercooler.

The Watercooler is the only recurring feature on RedState and it has built a nice readership over time it has been operating. We’ve suffered some attrition, as is to be expected, and we are in need of new volunteers.


The job is simple. On a scheduled basis put together a post that hits items of interest for the community. It doesn’t have to be politics. It can be sports, celebrities, fashion, books, cooking, etc. It doesn’t have to be serious, in fact, there is way too much serious stuff on the front page to add one more serious item.

The more people sign up, the less frequently you will be called upon to write. The beauty is that as a volunteer you only write when you, you know, volunteer.

So, if being a part of this enterprise and having your name on the front page on occasion appeals to you, let me know in the comments and I’ll be in contact with you.

Hope to hear from you all



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