BREAKING. RNC To Stop Mentioning Donald Trump In Phone Call Scripts

A short while ago, Caleb posted on the RNC issuing a stop work order to all direct mail vendors. Now we know why:


Did you ever think you’d witness a major political party refusing to mention the name of its own candidate for president in a campaign season? Well, me neither. And how does a phone call encouraging someone to vote work when you don’t even mention the guy’s name? It might appeal to the Zen/meta sensibilities of millenials but to actual people it isn’t going to make much sense.

It is obvious something very, very serious is happening in the RNC. There is definitely a movement in motion to sever the linkage between Trump and the GOP… as if there ever was any. It seems like, given Mike Pence’s refusal to represent Trump at a campaign rally, that we may be to the point of the RNC actually taking action to remove Trump as its candidate.


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