SURPRISE. Guess What Happened To Hillary's Email Server When It Was Revealed?

You really have appreciate the relationship the Clinton criminal empire has with coincidence. Just when it looks like they’ve been vanquished, the arise again like a vampire from the Pit because the wooden stake, coincidentally, was made in China from ox dung.

Take this, for instance, from today’s Friday-before-a-holiday-document-dump by the FBI.

Amazing, huh. Some people have all the luck.

On a serious note, this document dump is showing just how deeply corrupt and compromised FBI Director James Comey is. If anyone else in the world had pulled this stunt they would be in jail. As it is, not only was Hillary Clinton not charged but the guy who did the erasing and wiping was allowed to grin, say ‘aw shucks,’ and move on. As Rick Perry said earlier, the man needs to resign.