Democrats Pull the Plug On Ted Strickland's Senate Race

Rob Portman’s chances for reelection just got a lot better.

Senate Majority PAC is delaying by two weeks a planned TV ad campaign in support of Ted Strickland, the Ohio Senate Democratic nominee whose campaign has unexpectedly struggled to gain traction against Republican Sen. Rob Portman.

The news, confirmed by two sources tracking ad buys, comes on the heels of a decision from the independent expenditure arm of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee to delay by one week its own ad buy.

The former governor has struggled to raise money against the well-funded Portman, and polls show him lagging badly against the Republican incumbent.


At the same time, Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump and looks to be slowly pulling away

This is a hopeful development. Pat Toomey also looks to be separating himself from Trump in Pennsylvania. I’ve said for a while the best outcome for the GOP and for conservatism this year is that Donald Trump be utterly repudiated while returning a GOP House and Senate. While keeping a GOP Senate is a very dicey proposition right now, saving guys like Portman and Toomey will send a strong message that it was Trump, himself, who was rejected by voters.


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