WATCH. State Department Evades Clinton Foundation Questions And One Reporter's Hilarious Response (VIDEO)

At the daily State Department press briefing on Wednesday the subject of the Clinton Foundation demanding favors from State Department staffers to assist big Foundation donors came up. The usually tame State Department press corps decided that it had had enough


This is the video, courtesy of the favorite outlet of Donald Trump and his senior staff,

QUESTION: Do you have any response to criticism by some that suggest there was a relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department at the time? There was an email that came out in this recent set that is between the – an executive at the Clinton Foundation and Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills where he is requesting to set up a meeting between a billionaire donor and the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon. Do you have any response to —

MS TRUDEAU: So very similar to what I said before, I’m not going to speak to specific emails. However, I think you guys know State Department officials are regularly in touch with a wide variety of outside individuals and organizations, including businesses, nonprofits, NGOs, think tanks. The nearly 55,000 pages of former Secretary Clinton’s emails released by the department over the past year give a sense of the wide range of individuals both inside and outside of government that State Department officials are in contact with on a range of subjects.

QUESTION: So you don’t feel like this email or you don’t feel like there was impropriety in the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department at the time?

MS TRUDEAU: We talk to a wide range of people, at my level, at various levels in the department – NGOs, think tanks, business leaders, experts on a variety of subjects.

QUESTION: But that’s not her – that’s not her question.

QUESTION: Except in this – and importantly, in this case, Secretary Clinton made a pledge that she would not personally or substantially in any way involve herself with the Clinton Foundation. So it’s not just any outside organization. It’s the specific organization that she said ahead of time she wouldn’t have contact with. So doesn’t that – doesn’t this, then, seem to violate that pledge?

MS TRUDEAU: So again, to reiterate, department officials are in touch with a wide range of individuals. I’d note that former Secretary Clinton’s ethics agreement did not preclude other State Department officials from having contact with Clinton Foundation staff.

QUESTION: (Off-mike.)

QUESTION: Can you at least try to answer Abigail’s question, which was: Has the department looked into this and determined that there was no impropriety?

MS TRUDEAU: The department is regularly in touch with people across the whole spectrum, Matt.

QUESTION: That’s not the question. The question is whether or not you’ve looked into this – the building has looked into it and determined that everything was okay, that there was nothing wrong here.

MS TRUDEAU: We feel confident in our ability and our past practice of reaching out to a variety of sources and being responsive to requests.

QUESTION: I’m sorry, are you – am I not speaking English? Is this – I mean, is it coming across as a foreign – I’m not asking you if – no one is saying it’s not okay or it’s bad for the department to get a broad variety of input from different people. Asking – the question is whether or not you have determined that there was nothing improper here.


This is a good sign. And there were more questions yesterday that resulted in this hilarious exchange

MS TRUDEAU: And we can’t speak to specific personnel decisions, as I mentioned yesterday.

QUESTION: Okay. So the only way that one could tell if one was not working for the department if someone did get hired or not is all of the sudden if they show up – start showing up in the building to work every day?

MS TRUDEAU: So it would be for the podium that I would not be able to speak to it for the Privacy Act.

QUESTION: Okay. Can you confirm that you were hired by the State Department?

When even the State Department press corps begins ridiculing the State Department spokesman, things are really far gone.

If Donald Trump had the freakin discipline of a toddler, he’d keep his mouth shut and encourage them to cover the story. Right now Hillary is surviving and thriving because every time something negative about her comes out, Donald Trump says something outrageous and boneheadly stupid to push the coverage of her off the front page. Trump is not suffering from media bias, he’s suffering from his big, stupid mouth.


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