WOW. RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day Actually Went THERE In Her Convention Speech (VIDEO)

Sharon Day, Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee speaks during the opening day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Monday, July 18, 2016. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Last night, RNC co-chair, Sharon Day, gave a speech that should be heard repeatedly across the nation as we head into the general election. Many speakers slammed Hillary Clinton for her role in the slaughter of US citizens in Benghazi. It was right that they did so. Read even in its most favorable light, the Benghazi Select Committee report demonstrated that Hillary Clinton illegally countermanded Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s orders to launch a rescue. She lied to the nation repeatedly over a week-long period. She caused others to lie on her behalf. She personally lied to the families of the Benghazi victims. Then she called those families liars.

As egregious as it is, to a great extent the Clinton campaign and its fellow travelers have succeeded in making all of this a political issue and framing Trey Gowdy as a partisan hack.

Sharon May, however, hit Clinton directly on her personal, non-political conduct.

Republican National Committee Co-Chair Sharon Day said that Hillary Clinton “viciously attacked the character of women who were sexually abused at the hands of [her] husband.”

During her speech, Day laid out the case for a woman to be elected president, just not the presumptive Democratic nominee.

“She repeatedly plays the gender card. In fact, she boasts deal me in. Well, Mrs. Clinton, consider yourself dealt in,” Day said. “Because as a senator, you paid women less than the men in your office. As secretary of state you lied to the mothers, the daughters and the sisters of men who gave their life for our country in combat. As head of the foundation you accepted tens of millions of dollars from foreign countries who enslave women and who treat them as second class citizens.”

Day then remarked of Clinton that as a mother and grandmother, “you have no problem supporting policies that terminate the life of the unborn.”

“And as first lady, you viciously attacked the character of women who were sexually abused at the hands of your husband,” Day said. “Now, don’t get me wrong, I want to see a woman be president one day. I want my granddaughters to see a woman as president one day. But I stand before you, not that woman, not Hillary Clinton.”

Clinton is bleeding support from young women. And, as this is an election in which I heartily despise both major candidates and Gary Johnson, I want to see the pain continue. I want to see the Clinton brand so soiled at the end of this campaign that we will never hear from this carpetbagging grifter again. Ever.