Donald Trump Explained In Just One Sentence

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, tweets about this old quote from Donald Trump unearthed by the AP that succinctly explains everything about the man.

As RedState founder, Josh Trevino, comments on Facebook. There are a lot of similarities to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s character, Amory Blaine, from “This Side of Paradise.”

“Always, after he was in bed, there were voices—indefinite, fading, enchanting—just outside his window, and before he fell asleep he would dream one of his favorite waking dreams, the one about becoming a great half-back, or the one about the Japanese invasion, when he was rewarded by being made the youngest general in the world. It was always the becoming he dreamed of, never the being. This, too, was quite characteristic of Amory.”

Think about it. His business ventures fail with metronomic regularity. Why? Because he wants to get into the airline or publishing business and have that talked about. He has no interest in building a successful company. There were many indications that when Trump got into this race he was interesting in being a candidate and getting the acclaim and not necessarily in having the nomination. If you look at his string of failed relationships and adulteries they all have the same quality: getting not having.

In short, you are looking at a clinical diagnosis of narcissism and psychopathy. Unfortunately, we don’t even have the option of voting for someone who isn’t a psychopath this time.

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