Guess Who Else Just Took Themselves Out Of the GOP Veepstakes

Earlier today the Crown Prince of FAIL, Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, decided he really needed to work on his golf game and coif and took himself out of the running to be Donald Trump’s vice president.

Now someone else has had an attack of sanity and decided that their career, not to mention integrity and self-respect, can’t survive in close proximity to Cheeto Jesus.

Joni Ernst all but removed herself from Donald Trump’s vice presidential search, telling POLITICO in an interview that she wants to help Trump become president but that she’s focused on Iowa and the Senate, where the freshman senator said she’s “just getting started.”

The GOP senator met with Trump on Monday and received effusive praise afterward, with Trump predicting he will “see her again.” But it likely won’t be as his running mate on the trail.

“I made that very clear to him that I’m focused on Iowa. I feel that I have a lot more to do in the United States Senate. And Iowa is where my heart is,” Ernst said Wednesday. “I’m just getting started here. I have a great partner with Chuck Grassley, we’ve been able to accomplish a lot. And I think that President Trump will need some great assistance in the United States Senate and I can provide that.”

For those out there who think that Trump provides a viable, albeit unpleasant, alternative to Hillary Clinton, think again. His problem in finding a vice president are going to be dwarfed by this problem in finding an attorney general, a secretary of defense, a secretary of state, and on and on. He’ll end up finding someone, but he’s not going to attract talent because that is not how Trump operates.