ANALYSIS. Donald Trump Still Trails Mitt Romney In Fundraising And Still Hasn't Forgiven His Own Loan

Today Donald Trump’s campaign sent out an email touting Trump’s yuge success in June. Even were it true, it is getting perilously close to winning the “too little, too late” award as his fundraising generally sucks swampwater.

trump fundraising report

After the convoluted, self-congratulatory language, you get down to the meat of the matter. Trump contributed, allegedly, $3.8. And the funds were actually NOT $51 million, but $26 million for the campaign and $25 million for the RNC. This is significant because Hillary Clinton raised about $70 million ($40.5 million for her, $28 million for the DNC) in the same period. Anyway you cut it, Trump didn’t do particularly well.

When you look back over history, he did even worse than it appears.

june money

Not only was this not a record breaking June fundraiser, it was actually less than Mitt Romney raised in June 2012 when there were a) fewer voters and b) the dollar was worth nearly 5% more.

And there are other anomalies. In Trump’s world, June also includes the last month of May.

trump fundraising report 2

And Trump has yet to file the form with the FEC converting his “loans” into contributions.

And the biggest unknown of them all: