You'll Never Be Able To Guess Who Wants To Provide Security At the GOP Convention

You'll Never Be Able To Guess Who Wants To Provide Security At the GOP Convention

You. Will. Never. Be. Able. To. Guess.

Given the recent track record of Trump campaign events being accompanied by violence, there is a level of angst developing that Cleveland could end up being the equivalent of the Democrat 1968 Convention in Chicago that convinced the nation that Hubert Humphrey was totally incapable of being president:

Amid recurring violence at political rallies held by presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, many local officials and activists are increasingly worried that this lakeside city is ill-prepared to deal with tens of thousands of protesters and agitators expected to descend on the Republican National Convention here in July.

Some worry that police might be overrun or that the city has not stockpiled enough water to hydrate the masses in the summer heat. Others, particularly on the left, oppose new restrictions that will be placed on demonstrators and object to the kind of military-style equipment that law enforcement authorities may use to control the crowds.

But many locals now fear that the four-day event, which starts July 18, could be marred or even defined by strife — and some accuse Trump of stoking the idea. In March, when the possibility of a contested convention loomed large, Trump warned that “I think you’d have riots” if he didn’t get the nomination. He has not made such comments since clearing the GOP field, but many of his rallies — including events in the past week in California and New Mexico — have been accompanied by violent clashes between protesters and police.

Never fear, though. The situation is well in hand. The same smack-talking neo-Nazis who had their ass handed to them by an anarcho-hipster mob in Sacramento is on the freakin job.

A group of white nationalists and skinheads who held a rally in Sacramento over the weekend where at least five people were stabbed plans to show up at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next month to “make sure that the Donald Trump supporters are defended.”

Traditionalist Worker Party spokesman Matt Parrott, who blamed the anti-fascists for the riot, said about 30 members of his group would come to Cleveland.

“We’re essentially just going to show up and make sure that the Donald Trump supporters are defended from the leftist thugs,” he said.

Parrott said he expected Cleveland police to largely prevent violence with heavy security, although “there might be a couple of isolated skirmishes.”

“You’re going to have a relatively civil event where you’re going to have the leftists protesting Trump and you’re going to have us arguing up against the leftists,” he predicted. “And you’re going to have the police there ensuring that you’re going to have a first world situation and not some sort of ‘Gangs of New York’ knife fight.”

Because, you know, nothing says “first world” like different flavors of fascists engaged in street brawls.

Feel safe, America. Feel safe.

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