Former Ted Cruz Communications Adviser Hired By Donald Trump Despite What He Said

Over the weekend several political consultant, particularly those associated with the Ted Cruz campaign, told AP why they were turning down opportunities to work for Donald Trump. Now there has been at least one major defector:

Donald Trump has landed a Republican operative to be his new senior adviser for communications, a move meant to further professionalize his unconventional campaign.

Jason Miller, who was the senior communications adviser for Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, will take the lead role over the Trump campaign’s message and interactions with the news media.

More hires are expected to be announced soon, including state directors, campaign aides told Bloomberg Politics. The news comes a week after Trump fired his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, creating a wave of upheaval at Trump headquarters.

 Miller’s hire might be seen as forecasting an increase in support from loyalists to Cruz, who has so far resisted endorsing the presumptive nominee. But Cruz insiders said Miller’s decision to join Trump is independent of anything Cruz might do.

This is a good news/bad news story. The good news, if we can call it such, is that the Trump campaign is at long last recognizing the collection of lackwits and halfwits it currently employs would be out of their depth in a mud puddle. It is hard to decide which Trump communications person is more egregiously stupid, Hope Hicks or Katrina Pierson. The bad news, of course, is that someone put their integrity up for auction and sold it to the lowest bidder.

What is amusing about this, though, is that during the campaign, Miller regularly hammered Trump via Twitter. He has since deleted the best tweets, but, courtesy of ThinkProgress, here they are for your enjoyment:









I understand the  urge to put food on the table as much as the next guys. But it is unfortunate that Miller has put himself it this position. Assuming that he actually believes that he can make the situation better by signing on with Trump, rather than being one of the regiment of say-anything-do-anything political consultants that stalk the landscape, he will be soon disabused of that notion and he will have the stench of Trump attached to him for the rest of his career.

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