WOW. FL Governor Rick Scott Unloaded On DOJ Over Redacted Shooter Call Transcripts (VIDEO)

Earlier today, the Justice Department released redacted transcripts of the telephone conversations between law enforcement and the Orlando jihadi, Omar Mateen. They were redacted in order to deliberately obscure Mateen’s stated motive for his deed. SPOILER ALERT. It had nothing to do with “homophobia.” (see RedState coverage here and here).


Last week, Florida Governor Rick Scott was demagogued by the media as though Florida had some special gun laws that authorized jihadis to buy weapons or encouraged the killing of homosexuals. When he appeared on Fox News this morning he was not happy.

Transcript via Tampa Bay Times

On Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s comments regarding releasing the partial transcripts of the Orlando terrorist’s 911 call:

“Bill, I do not know, but I’ve talked to families and have been down here since the terrorist attack. I’ve talked to families who have lost their loved ones, I met with families that are in the hospital with loved ones in the hospital. We are all looking for answers. Why wouldn’t she release everything? We all need to know, but especially these families. They need to know exactly what happened to try and understand why this happened. It doesn’t make any sense to me why you wouldn’t release the entire transcript.”

On whether he disagrees with Lynch only releasing partial transcripts:

“Absolutely. This seems like it is another example of not focusing on the evil here. This is evil. It’s ISIS. It’s radical Islam. At some point – we lost 49 lives here, we lost Steven Sotloff in 2014 that was beheaded by ISIS. At some point, we’re going to get a president that’s going to say I care about destroying ISIS. I want it for everybody that was impacted by this. I want a focus on how we get rid of ISIS. How do we stop this, how do we stop radical Islam. This is wrong. It’s hurting our country. This was an attack on our gay community, our Hispanic community, our entire country.”

On Lynch’s comments that she is only releasing partial transcript because she doesn’t want to ‘re-victimize the victims’:

“I have no idea what she means, but I’ll tell you what. I’ve gone to funerals, I’ve sat down and cried with the parents. I’ve gone and visited individuals in the hospitals, they’re grieving. They want answers. If it was my family, I’d want answers, she would too. We all would like answers. She should release everything that doesn’t impact the investigation. I could understand if it was something that impacted that investigation until this is finished, I get that. She’s not saying that. It doesn’t make any sense to me. We’ve got to get serious about destroying ISIS. Destroy ISIS, stop radical Islam.”

On what he thinks the administration’s motive behind not releasing the full transcript is:

“I have no idea, but it sure appears that they don’t want to talk about that ISIS was involved. This is clearly ISIS-inspired. It’s clearly a result of evil, radical Islam. We’ve got to call this what it is. We’ve got to defend our country. We’ve got to stop saying ISIS is not the problem, they are the problem. They want to destroy us. There’s people that want to kill us, they are killing us. 49 people in my state massacred because of radical Islam, because of the evil of ISIS.”


Governor Scott is right in every particular here. The Obama administration is running like a scalded dog from the very obvious truth that Obama has succeeded, just as France and Germany and Belgium have succeeded, in creating a growing, violent and disloyal Muslim community inside the nation. His fear of being unpopular in various corners of the Third World has eclipsed his sworn duty to defend this nation. Now, instead of acknowledging that we have had two major terror attack in the last six months, he is blaming Republicans and guns. It is shameful. And what is more shameful is that he’s going to get away with it.


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