Why Does BuzzFeed's Refusal Of RNC Advertising Look Like A Sham?

Why Does BuzzFeed's Refusal Of RNC Advertising Look Like A Sham?

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Last week, BuzzFeed, the home of insipid cat videos and puerile listsicles, announced with some fanfare that it was going to forego an advertising deal with the RNC worth some $1.3 million to BuzzFeed. Why? Micro-aggressions. The need for safe space and dry panties. Donald Trump.

But the deal is off. [BuzzFeed CEO Jonah] Peretti wrote, “We don’t run cigarette ads because they are hazardous to our health, and we won’t accept Trump ads for the exact same reason.”

BuzzFeed is a privately held company and entitled to take money from whatever source they wish. I would also look askance at any GOP oriented organization that thought it worthwhile to sling actual advertising dollars in BuzzFeed’s direction simply because the number of persuadable readers on that site approaches zero. Having said that, Peretti’s actions are disingenuous in the extreme. He might be offended by Trump’s statements, and I’m sure he was offended by Romney’s 47% remark, too, but the real reason is that Peretti’s boss, BuzzFeed Chairman Kenneth Lerer, is a major Democrat donor and partisan:

On the same week that BuzzFeed’s CEO terminated an advertising deal with the Republican National Committee, BuzzFeed’s chairman is hosting a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee.

BuzzFeed says the two actions are completely unrelated, and there is no evidence to the contrary. But the disclosure about the DNC fundraiser is bound to raise eyebrows among Republicans.
President Obama will be headlining the DNC fundraiser on Wednesday. It will be held at the Manhattan home of Kenneth Lerer and his wife, Katherine Sailer.
According to the DNC, about 60 donors will be in attendance. Tickets vary in cost, and the priciest ticket is $33,400.

So, while Trump’s rhetoric is harmful, they find nothing untoward in Clinton’s mishandling of classified information, lying to the American people, lying to Congress, abusing and intimidating the women sexually assaulted by her husband, etc., etc.

It is always nice to see a liberal Democrat who at least claims to have a moral compass, but in the case of BuzzFeed the rejection of the RNC ad buy, which may or may not have been a real offer, was nothing but cheap grace and cheaper political theater to give BuzzFeed the cover to do what it does: promote liberal Democrats and their policies.

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