Why Did Donald Trump Lie About Disagreeing With Hillary Clinton Over Libya? (VIDEO)

Donald Trump leads a very active fantasy life. In his fantasy life he is an unerringly successful businessman and he is always right in his predictions. In real life, he is a serial bankrupt who has created a smaller return on investment than if he’d just bought US Savings Bonds and he is provably and demonstrably wrong about virtually every claim he’s made to being prescient.


This first became obvious when Trump claimed, against what he had written in his own book, that he was a early and vociferous opponent of the Iraq War. He wasn’t. (see here | here) Finally, he was reduced to trying to reconcile his bullsh** story and his factual record with this

“Well, what I mean by that is it almost shouldn’t have been done. And you know, I really don’t even know what I mean, because that was a long time ago, and who knows what was in my head.”

Now he has attempted the same thing in regards to Libya. Trump was back, again, calling in to Morning Joe. Morning Joe has always been a very, very, very, very friendly venue for Trump. We know that Scarborough and Brzezinski and Trump often decide beforehand what Trump will be asked and set limits on how tough the questioning can be. Anyway, this happened

The relevant part starts at about 1:28. The applicable transcript is below.


But this is not true. In fact, back in 2011 he was lockstep with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on getting rid of Qaddafi

This man is a dangerous buffoon. He just says random crap and moves on. If anyone is still under the illusion that his “list” of prospective Supreme Court nominees is any more substantial than his tax policy, his wall, or his position on Libya and Syria then they deserve whatever they get should Donald Trump become president.



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