Drudge Report Continues To Shill For Donald Trump And Suffers A Beclowning


It was obvious even before Ted Cruz remarked on it the the Drudge Report had tossed aside any pretensions of being serious and had joined Sean Hannity as full time fluffers of Donald Trump. As POLITICO pointed out:


A POLITICO analysis of more than 300 Drudge banners this year reveals that Cruz has a strong argument: Matt Drudge’s conservative aggregation site has largely pushed banner pieces publicizing Trump favorably and in recent days either criticizing or deriding Cruz, a stark shift from 2015, when he appeared to be ambivalent toward the billionaire businessman.

This year, however, Drudge has gone all in on Trump. Examples range from a banner linking to a live Trump rally on Jan. 7 to full-spectrum treatment of the “firestorm” and “fury” regarding the nominating process in Colorado this past weekend — which Trump claimed was “rigged” in favor of Cruz.

While the Drudge Report hasn’t shied away from being critical of Cruz, it has blotted away Trump’s blemishes by pointing to other stories in lieu of Trump’s blunders. For example, when Trump incensed conservatives and anti-abortion groups by suggesting on March 30 that women be punished for having abortions — if the procedure were outlawed — Drudge instead focused on Sanders’ possible exclusion from the D.C. ballot. And when Trump refused to disavow the Ku Klux Klan in late February, it was instead Sen. Jeff Sessions’ endorsement of Trump that topped the site.

More recently, when Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was charged with simple battery late last month, Drudge, perhaps showing his skepticism of the impending verdict, put battery in quotations. A day later, the banner story shifted to the prosecutor in the case being a Hillary Clinton supporter.


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Recently, Drudge has been patently dishonest such as this Tweet of an August 25 article that hints it is something recent:

accompanied by this banner of Drudge Report: drudge-report-01 Never has Matt Drudge’s readiness to visit the bus station men’s room in the service of Donald Trump been more on display than today: drudge Ummm. No. He can’t. What Drudge deliberately did, and I say deliberately because I don’t think anyone who can accomplish what Drudge has accomplished is dumb, was distort a statement by an RNC member for no other reason that to excite the Trump base and get lots of pageviews.

Republican National Committee member Randy Evans predicted Wednesday that Donald Trump would likely be able to secure the Republican nomination if he captures anything more than 1,100 delegates, short of the 1,237 delegates needed for a simple majority. “If Donald Trump exceeds 1,100 votes, he will become the nominee even though he may not have 1,237,” Evans said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The context of the interview is pretty clear. Evans is saying that if Trump wins over 1100 bound delegates he will be able to find the 137 unbound delegates necessary to put him over the top. This has caused enough macarenas being danced by Branch Trumpidians that Guam nearly tipped over and the RNC has been trying to unf*** Drudge’s mischief:



In the end what Drudge and Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham and Breitbart are going to find is that Donald Trump simply isn’t smart enough or focused enough or energetic enough to actual do anything more demanding than shoot off his mouth. Barring a deus ex machina of cosmic proportions, Trump is on a downward spiral and he will not be the nominee. While Trump will go back to bullying the help, marrying ever younger women and fleecing the gullible, Trump’s supporters will be stuck for years with the stench of having sold out what the claim to have believed in to support one of the most morally and ethically corrupt men. a man nearly Clintonesque in his grifting, to ever seek the presidency.



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