BREAKING. Donald Trump Will Not Attend Colorado GOP Convention

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

Caricature by DonkeyHotey
Caricature by DonkeyHotey

This sounds like a hissy fit, doesn’t it.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is taking a pass on Colorado’s Republican assembly this weekend.

On Saturday, State Party Chairman Steve House said that Trump was close to finalizing plans to attend Saturday’s Colorado Republican State Convention at the Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs.

Plans by the Republican frontrunner to attend the event, however, have fallen through.

“He will not be attending,” said Kyle Kohli, communications director for the state GOP.

At the state convention Saturday, the party will elect 13 delegates to the national convention.


What might be the reason for this. Colorado is going to be another state where by dint of sheer incompetence that Trump is going to get shut out. As Leon quoted in his post earlier today:

Cruz’s operation is headed up by Congressman Ken Buck, his state chairman and a mainstay in Colorado’s GOP. Trump’s campaign has no official state chair and it’s not clear who’s running things. James Baker, the campaign’s initial point person for the state, was fired this week amid infightingbetween senior staff, according to a Politico report. Baker did not respond to an email from MSNBC on Wednesday.

In an ominous sign for Trump, two Colorado Congressional districts already held their conventions this week and Cruz swept both events, installing six delegates pledged to support him come convention time.

State representative Justin Everett, who was picked as a Cruz delegate, said the campaign kept in constant contact with him and other candidates for delegate by phone and email. They helped draw up talking points for speeches, distributed pro-Cruz delegate slates, and briefed participating local officials to make sure they didn’t fracture support.

When the convention came, Everett said they faced some resistance from supporters of Ohio Governor John Kasich. But what surprised him was the lack of any pushback from Trump.

“It seems like an epic fail on the Trump campaign’s part,” he said. “I don’t see anyone organizing.”


Trump is not going to get a single delegate out of Colorado and, like the spoiled little rich boy he is, he’s showing his displeasure by simply blowing off the state convention. He’s acting like he already knows he’s going to lose because if he wins the nomination he will need the wholehearted support of the very people he’s snubbing this weekend.


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