Sarah Palin Flops In Milwaukee. Speech Met With Silence

Caricature by DonkeyHotey
Via DonkeyHotey and Flickr Creative Commons 23935109153_081794d442_o
Caricature by DonkeyHotey

As we’ve said over and over, Donald Trump has the ability to beclown and otherwise diminish anyone who associates with him. Can anyone say that Chris Christie or Ben Carson have enhanced their public image by their slavish tongue-bathing of Trump’s glutes? No. They can’t. But perhaps no one has fallen further in the esteem of conservatives than Sarah Palin.


The former Alaska governor was shilling for Donald Trump in Milwaukee last night and it was not pretty. You can watch the entire trainwreck

Or you can have it summarized in one tweet:

Or another:

Via The Chicago Tribune:

In her Wisconsin debut as a Donald Trump surrogate, Sarah Palin was met with tepid applause and stone-faced silence Friday night at a Milwaukee County Republican gathering.

In contrast, the 750 Republicans at American Serb Hall cheered enthusiastically for Sen. Ted Cruz, who was introduced by Gov. Scott Walker and talk radio host Vicki McKenna.

The contrasting receptions illustrated why the Texas senator has surged past the real estate mogul and reality TV celebrity in the latest polls, especially in southeastern Wisconsin.


I supported Palin in 2008 and afterwards. In retrospect, I am thinking that my support of her was misplaced as she has obviously sold what we thought were conservative values for the few extra nanoseconds of perceived fame that a Trump connection brings her.


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