BREAKING. North Dakota Representative Kevin Cramer Will Endorse Donald Trump

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr Creative Commons
Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr Creative Commons

Via NBC News

North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer is endorsing Donald Trump on Sunday and has been helping the GOP front-runner woo convention delegates in the state.

Trump senior adviser Barry Bennett told NBC News that Cramer’s endorsement is “a huge win” for the campaign, and said he had “helped us immensely” to court delegates in North Dakota.

Cramer’s help, Bennett said, contributed to a slate of national delegates proposed by North Dakota GOP officials Saturday that the Trump campaign “loves.”

I’m not going to downplay the importance of this. North Dakota only has one representative and that representative is Kevin Cramer. Trump’s campaign has demonstrated monumental incompetence in delegate selection so, if Cramer is able to help (and I can’t help but note there is no evidence Trump attracts competent people) then it will be a significant advantage to him. On the other hand, his endorsement of Trump isn’t a surprise. Cramer’s HAFA score is 48% (House average is 63%) which makes him much more of the social squish, big government types that seem to find Trump an attractive alternative to Ted Cruz.

I do believe we are at the point where we no longer owe any patience, forbearance or respect to elected officials who endorse Donald Trump in the primaries. It is one thing to work for his election if he is the nominee because a huge Trump loss will ripple down the ballot and put the Senate, the House, and state governors and legislators in grave jeopardy. It is a completely different matter to endorse an incompetent and destructive personality in the primaries. There is self-preservation and there is abject stupidity. Guys like Cramer cross the line and we should remember them on election day.